Nick Jackson

Nick Jackson

Managing Director at RES Corporation

Nick Jackson has been the Managing Director at the Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation since early 2009.

He has had a long career in sugar, starting as a shift manager at the Tate & Lyle, Thames Refinery in London back in the late eighties.  He has moved around the world with Tate & Lyle, first going to Scotland with Tate & Lyle Process Technology, Australia with Bundaberg Sugar and finally on to the United Sugar Company in Saudi Arabia as General Manager, Manufacturing.  In 2004 he joined Booker Tate and spent a short time as a consultant before being posted to the Guyana Sugar Corporation in the Caribbean, where he was the CEO from 2005-2009.  He has an honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of Lancaster.

Nick will share with delegates the strategy execution journey that RES Corporation has embarked on over the last years and the related outstanding results achieved.

CEO Panel – Strategy Execution

Panel Discussion: The latest tools and methods used by CEOs to ensure an efficient Strategy Execution